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Feline Care

At Clover Valley, we believe that routine wellness care is the key to keeping your cat healthy through every stage of life. Whether it’s your kitten’s first exam or your senior cat’s first visit with us, we will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your cat’s current health. During the wellness exam, we can discuss vaccines, nutrition, allergies, dental care (including at-home dental care), and other issues that may be affecting your cat, including lifestyle or age related changes.

Feline Vaccinations

A vital part of maintaining your pet’s health is vaccinations. Vaccinations prevent your cat from getting contagious diseases that are easily spread between cats. We will take into consideration your pet’s age and lifestyle, including time spent outdoors, travel/boarding plans, breed, health status, age, and overall health. These factors may change over time, so we will review your cat’s vaccination plan with you at each wellness exam.

Preparing for Your Cat’s Exam

On the day of your cat’s wellness exam, we ask that you bring in a stool sample (ideally less than twelve hours old) with your cat in a secure pet carrier. If this is your cat’s first visit with us, it is also helpful to bring any previous medical files such as vaccination records.

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