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Equine Emergency Care

Clover Valley Veterinary Services provides emergency care, after-hours care for horses and small ruminants in Pierce, Mason, and Kitsap Counties. We have haul-in facilities for cases requiring intensive veterinary care and close monitoring. We most commonly see horses on emergency for colic, choke, laceration repairs, or lameness problems. Our mobile units are able to run blood tests and take digital x-rays so that results are quickly available. Having quick access to these test results allows us to make a diagnosis more quickly so that treatment can begin.

Signs of a Medical Emergency include:

    • Swollen, cloudy or painful eye
    • Severe, watery diarrhea
    • Laceration or severe trauma
    • High fever especially with loss of appetite
    • Mild colic that has not resolved in 45 to 60 minutes
    • Weak foal or cria, especially if it is not able to get up to nurse
    • Retained placenta (greater than 4 hours since delivery)
    • Choke (esophageal obstruction) that has not resolved in 30 minutes
    • Sudden loss of coordination or balance

If your horse or small ruminant is experiencing a medical emergency, remember to stay calm and call us right away at 360-917-5887, ext. 2.  

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