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Equine Surgery at Clover Valley Veterinary Services

We provide a variety of equine elective and emergency surgeries.

Equine Surgery

At Clover Valley Veterinary Services, our veterinarians perform many elective and emergency surgeries on cattle, horses, goats and sheep in the field or at our clinic. Some of our more common surgeries include castration or gelding, tumor biopsy or removal, laceration repair, hernia repair, reproductive surgery or Cesarean-section, tube cystotomy for bladder stone obstruction (urolithiasis), dental surgery and extraction (exodontia), and eye removal or enucleation. We tailor our anesthesia protocol to each patient and offer total intravenous (triple drip) or isoflurane gas anesthesia. We use the most advanced monitoring equipment to evaluate heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygenation. If your pet requires more advance surgical treatment or colic surgery, we work closely with the board certified surgeons at Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital to get you and your pet the best care possible. To learn more about our surgical procedures, please call us today at 360-917-5887.

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